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Classic Marble Design

Classic Marble Design has provided the finest tile and stonework to customers in Southern California for more than 46 years. We offer tiles and marble slabs for residential and commercial projects throughout Southern California.

When you connect with the experts at Classic Marble design, you can expect excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, integrity, and the finest quality materials at the best prices. We import natural stones from all over the globe and ensure that every project we produce, and install is completed perfectly.


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Make the most visited place in your home more appealing and attractive.

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Bathrooms don’t have to be dull. Make them more inviting!

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Make your shower area look more stylish and stunning.

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Replace rusty old fireplaces with renewed versions that relax the mind.

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Sturdy and strong slabs on stairs make them safer and superb-looking.

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What Customers say


They helped me transform my commercial establishment completely in a matter of weeks. Quick service, great designs, and right prices.

A Commercial Establishment Owner

They sold me the best-ever premade marble structure that met my expectations perfectly. They are quick and efficient with installation and deliveries

A Reputed Architect

I am very happy with the custom design project they did for me

A Happy Homemaker

The quality of their huge and gorgeous marble slabs is something that’s not easily available elsewhere. Highly recommended!

A Hotel Owner


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